Kick the tyres on MS Lync

MS Lync webinar screenshot
MS Lync webinar

Relationships Australia SA  is currently trialling Microsoft Lync as an internal and external communications tool and I’d like to invite all my blog readers to kick its digital tyres with us.

The trial is set for this Friday, 23 September 2011 from 3pm to 4pm Australian Central Time (Adelaide Time) / 3:30pm Australian Eastern Time.

To participate in the trial, you will need:

  •  to download and install the 50 MB MS Lync Attendee software that will allow you to hear audio and see video
  •  a headset with a microphone
  •  a Google Account to access the private Google site
  • willingness to fill in registration form and feedback form
MS Lync Attendee software should work on Windows XP and newer, Mac OS’ 10.4.8 (possibly, not mentioned on the site though) and newer and Windows 7 mobile devices. It currently does NOT work on iPads, iPhones, Androids, Symbian mobiles, etc. System requirements here:

Private Google site with details

If you would be interested in participating, all the details are available on a private Google web site that will require you to have a Google account and permission to access.

Once you log into your Google account, click on a link to ask for access to the site, located at

I’ll grant access for you as soon as possible.

Once you access the site, there will be a sign up form for the trial and links to download the MS Lync software.

After the live event, you will return to the Google site to provide feedback on your experience.


If you have any questions about the MS Lync trial or the Google site, please contact me using my contact form.

About MS Lync

Microsoft Lync is an integrated part of the MS Office and allows users to set up instant or planned meetings straight from a link in MS Outlook. It can be used for communicating between 2 users or 99 and meeting presenters can share video, hold audio discussions, share documents, present PowerPoints, demonstrate web sites and software and more.
For more information, visit: