Had an amazing tour of Jo Kay’s latest build and chatted with her and Dean Groom about what they’re doing with Minecraft, kids and learning.

While I haven’t been grabbed by the Minecraft bug (I like my virtual worlds prettier and more realistic), I am in awe of what the kids are doing and what Jo has built and what Dean is building around it in terms of pedagogy.

The kids are learning planning, building, creativity, citizenship, ethics, communication, cooperation and scripting — it’s pretty impressive.

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A quick brain dump post.

If you have the YouTube multimedia filter enabled at the site administration level of a Moodle 1.9x site, you can auto-embed YouTube videos in posts.

But – what if you just want to link to a video?

Here is the long and short of it:

YouTube offers up two types of links – a ‘long’ link (which is the URL to the video player page) and a short link. The short link, displayed when you click Share, is meant to make it easy to save the URL with typing-challenged friends or via services like Twitter that limit the number of characters per post. The short link re-directs to the full URL.

Long link in URL, short link in Share

The long link is the URL, you see the short link when you click on Share under the video

If you want to embed video, link some text and use the full URL. If you want to display linked text, use the short URL. Something about the re-direct obviously stops the auto-embedding.

Text linked with short/redirect link stays linked - text linked with direct URL/long embeds

Text linked with short/redirect link stays linked - text linked with direct URL/long embeds

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Sure, I know that lots of people will be sharing this video. But this blog is about me too and I want this closer to me than a diigo link.

Love Apple or not, I can mourn the passing of someone who changed the world and seemed to hang on to his humanity. A lot of inspiration to be had from this video – but it’s best watched at home and in the close proximity of a box of tissues and a cuppa.