My personal learning journey

FRSA2011 – Family Relationships Services conference day 1

Yesterday was the first day of conference sessions for me in this new sector of family relationship services.

It seems to my novice eyes that this sector faces a lot of the challenges that the education sector does – an ageing workforce, increased demand yet declining interest from younger people due to low wages and high stress.

As well, this sector as well as the education sector are at the mercy of policy makers that don’t always understand or appreciate what is happening on the ground. Budgets are low yet the potential impact on individuals and in turn, society, is incredibly high.

Edward de Bono was wrong in his keynote in saying little thinking is done around how people think. I’ve read some really great research and had the privilege of talking with people like Martin Westwell to learn how people think and learn. But Mr. de Bono WAS right in saying the number one problem in the world is wrong thinking. I can’t remember who said “The problems of the world cannot be solved by those who created them” – but it applies to so many of our complex situations.

Mary Graham – the first speaker and one I wished had talked for longer – answered the question of wrong thinking/right thinking for me.

She talked of Aboriginal people’s connection to and attitudes toward the land and drew a paralell between how people treat the land and their overall ethics and treatment of people. The ethos of custodianship, said Mary, is not compatible with hierarchy.

It makes sense – if we as a society saw it as EVERYONE’S business to look after the earth, each other and ourselves – we wouldn’t need 90% of the laws we have and the economic, environmental and crises of spirit and conflict we have now wouldn’t exist. And neither would wrong thinking.

Looking forward to day two.