Your Brain At Work

I’m currently listening to David Rock’s ‘Your Brain at Work’ in which he uses the metaphor of a stage and actors against a narrative of a typical day in the lives of two protagonists to explain neuroscience and how our brains function.

In doing so, Rock explores what we can do to maximise our finite energy and be more mindful of how we are using our brains.

This is a compelling book that has already spawned several AHA moments for me – and the two characters are still only half way through their work days!

So far, the biggest take-aways for me include:

  • our mental ‘stage’ only has room for a few actors at a time
  • there are times of day that are better for complex tasks than others
  • by paying attention to your mental processes, you can control the factors that impact the way your brain functions
  • being ‘mindful’ and paying attention to your physical surrounds can give you a much-needed break from the narrative processes that would have you dwell on planning and scenarios.

Am enjoying this journey immensely and will be sad when it’s over. Am looking forward to learning more about how to get the most out of my 1.3 kilos or so of grey matter at my disposal.

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