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Lifelong learning and information literacy

Information literacy is a human right, according to the Australian Library and Information Association. I found this incredibly moving and inspirational fact out while researching a presentation on lifelong learning.

It is obvious to me that information literacy underpins lifelong learning — and that digital literacy skills are essential to both.

One of the learners at a session I gave yesterday asked me “Where do you find the time to learn?”

I replied what I always reply to this:  Learning and professional development are not selfish acts.  As a professional, you have a responsibility to your organisation and the people whom you serve (clients of Family Dispute Resolution services in this person’s case) to progress your knowledge of not only your field of study, but the environment in which you and your clients/students live and work and the technologies that are shaping our society.

I am fortunate to work for an organisation that actually makes it a KPI of  my job description that I progress my learning and are happy for me to block time out each week on company time to do so.

There is an old chestnut that holds true:  To any manager or business owner that asks “What if I train my staff and they leave?” the best reply is “What if your staff remain untrained and ignorant and they STAY?” 

My presentation is embedded below. To view it full screen, click on the arrow facing right/play button, wait for it to load and then hover over the word ‘More’.