Blog access in Moodle 2

A post to save you some confusion around blog access.

I try to make the MyMoodle page the one stop shop for students on our site. So when we decided to use Moodle blogs, I wanted to provide access to student blogs from this page.

As it turns out, this is not possible.

blogs settings menuWhile bizarrely you can change your Blog PREFERENCES from the MyMoodle page, you cannot actually ACCESS your blog posts from it.

When I went to the profile page, the situation was the same.

So, I checked the Blog settings under the Site Admin- Appearance menu and opened up the visibility to see if that were the culprit.  No luck.

Then I went to capabilities under roles to see if I’d restricted Authenticated users to the point they couldn’t see their own blogs. That wasn’t it.
What the answer is:  because blogs aren’t necessarily loved by all, the Blog menu block in the Profile is not added as standard. You MUST add it manually, after you enable blogs in order for it to appear!

AND – there is NO OPTION to add the Blog menu block to the MyMoodle page.

Hope this saves you the hour of research this took me to figure out.

Happy Moodling!

Blog menu option profile page
Blog menu is an option on the profile page


Blog menu not an option on the MyMoodle page
Blog menu not an option on the MyMoodle page

And here is what the Blog menu looks like:

The elusive blog menu block
The elusive blog menu block