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Audio assessment – Moodle Flash plugin or third party site – or both?

Published on: Author: KerryJ

I’ve been thinking a lot about authentic, contextual assessment lately and it occurs to me that audio assessment in the human services industry really makes a whole lot of sense in some instances. In one of the Australian Institute of Social Relations courses for Financial Counsellors, learners are asked to write and submit their opening statement to… Continue reading

Activity reports in Moodle courses

Published on: Author: KerryJ

This is another messy brain dump because I’ve had to look this up more than twice…To be able to access activity reports in Moodle courses -The site admin must ensure that the Navigation block is activeThe course owner must add the Navigation block (The course owner can decide whether or not learners can see their own… Continue reading

Again with YouTube downloads

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Just a quickie post here in response to a question from a friend starting a new job:Tell your colleagues that YouTube's terms of service are located and are unambiguous:   Section 4: General Use of the Service—Permissions and Restrictions Part C You agree not to access Content through any technology or means other than the… Continue reading