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YouTube Caption fixing – down and dirty tutorial

YouTube’s Close Captioning results in word salad – but it’s easy to fix. Here is a pictorial on it – it’s not pretty, but hope it’s useful. Needed to do this in a hurry:

Step 1: Run Captions, let YouTube do its thing. When finished, play again and see result. Click Edit Captions and Subtitles.
Step 1, click CC and let captions run, when finished, click edit captions

Step 2:  Click The pencil to view the machine transcription

Edit the existing caption by clicking pencil icon

Step 3: I don’t bother editing here – I like to edit in my own software. Click the download button.
Don't bother editing online, click download

Step 3b. Download and save the SVB file.
Save as SVB file
Step 4. Edit the file in a plain text editing program like Notepad or  I use Notepad ++. Save it.

Edit text in text editor like Notepad or Notepad ++
Step 5: Upload your file 
Click button to add subtitles
and name it
Choose file, upload, give it a name
Step 6: Disable the YouTube word salad track
Disable the YouTube Word Salad track and enable your new caption. Done!

Step 7: Tweak colours and backgrounds
Click CC to bring up menu to format captions

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