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This is another messy brain dump because I’ve had to look this up more than twice…

To be able to access activity reports in Moodle courses –

  • The site admin must ensure that the Navigation block is active
  • The course owner must add the Navigation block¬†(The course owner can decide whether or not learners can see their own Activity reports in course settings)


If you are afraid the Navigation block will confuse students (you cannot hide it) or your site admin won’t allow the Navigation menu, create shortcuts to your fav reports.

Activity Report: http://moodlesiteaddress.com/report/outline/index.php?id=yyy
Log: http://moodlesiteaddress.com/report/log/index.php?id=yyy
Live log: http://moodlesiteaddress.com/report/loglive/index.php?id=yyy
Course participation: http://moodlesiteaddress.com/report/participation/index.php?id=yyy
Activity completion: http://moodlesiteaddress.com/report/progress/index.php?course=yyy

As an added bonus, the Log link allows you to choose from all the courses you teach/manage – so you’d only have to share one log link for one course.

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