Moodle plugin review: Checklist

Moodle plugin review: Checklist

For a while now, one of our online educators creates a check list for learners  to download and fill in at the end of each learning module. This gives them a chance to see what activities and assessments and evidence of competency are required on one page and also ensures they have completed what they need to in order to move onto the next module of learning.

Enter Moodle 2.2 and with it completion tracking and conditional activities. These have great promise for some courses we deliver. Completing tracking allows students to tick off an activity or resource interaction as complete — or the educator can set conditions for completion such as a certain grade – that automatically ticks off the item as complete. Completion of certain activities or resource interactions can be set as conditions for being able to access content.

We’ll get there with this – we all see the value. But it is time consuming and takes planning.

Enter the Checklist plugins.

The Checklist Activity plug-in allows a teacher to create an auto-generated Checklist, then edit it to suit. It’s available via the Activity menu of a course.

There are a whole range of settings to experiment with.

You can choose whether to create a Checklist for a specific topic block or the whole course.

If, like us, you break out course content by Learning Modules and then weeks or sub topics within the learning module, you can create a Checklist that shows every activity and resource in the course, then hide all the elements that don’t fall under that learning module.

You can then create other Checklists for other modules.

You can edit the Checklists to create custom headings (they default to Section plus number, a weakness imho as it creates an extra step), and can mark activities and resources as optional or required. It took a couple of clicks to do this. I had to manually add a Checklist item, name it, hide the auto-generated header then tick and untick the manually created item as required and optional for it to go bold and kick in as a header.

options to hide content and add headers

Students can tick items off the list as they like.  A link to the activity or resource is automatically generated so learners can go to items they need to complete straight from the list, rather than having to remember the name and go off to find it.
Checklist with progress bar

When you add in the separate Checklist Block, you can turn Checklist into a tool that learners use throughout a learning module or course, rather than at the end.

 A separate Checklist block provides a quick visual progress bar for students regarding their progress through the checklist and educators can use the Checklist block to keep an eye on all the learners in a course. 

When educators access the Checklist itself, they can see a graph of who has been ticking off items and who hasn’t.
Other settings allow the teacher to have the final say on whether or not an item should have been checked off – and even to leave a comment to explain WHY the item shouldn’t be marked as finished.

 There is also a Gradebook Export plugin. I will need to talk to our web hosts to get this to work – it is supposed to export out the Checklist overview to an Excel spreadsheet. I got an Error Message saying the file or directory didn’t exist, so I’ll follow this up and provide an update in comments.

For more information on Checklist, visit the plugin page on –

And if you’ve used Checklist, let me know what you think of it.

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  1. Thanks for the positive review and note that more recent versions of the plugin (for Moodle 2.4, at least) should pull in the custom section titles, rather than the generic ‘Section 1, 2, 3’ titles.