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I’m on a steep learning curve with a new piece of software (Articulate Storyline) and writing tutorials about another piece of software that I’m not offay with. Not a comfortable place to be but the challenge is pushing me and being uncomfortable is okay now and again. It’s when I end up learning the most.

I’ve learned that Moodle doesn’t handle SCORM comfortably – no matter what the SCORM package, whether it opens in the same window or a new one, horizontal and vertical scroll bars show up – even when the learning object is set to size dynamically. It’s as if Moodle builds in a 10 pixel or so pad in reverse – always 10 pixels width and height are hidden somehow. This doesn’t matter so much on height, but it’s a pain in the bum on width!

With Articulate Storyline, another issue is that regardless of whether or not you’ve set the player to open in a new window, it outputs the same message to an LMS along the lines of: You’ve finished the content. Close the window. 

Unfortunately following this instruction exactly would result in students closing their Moodle sessions unintentionally.

I found the file to edit, but I learned that I needed to do it after Publishing from Articulate but before allowing Articulate to zip up the package. I tried zipping the package myself and got an error message from Moodle when I tried to use it.

Here is what I do to create a custom goodbye message for an Articulate Storyline package:
  • Publish the file
  • Go to folder
  • Go to the LMS folder
  • Right click on the Goodbye.html file
  • Open it in Notepad ++
  • Edit and save the file
  • Go back to Articulate
  • Zip the file using the link in the publishing window
  • Upload to Moodle
Got a better way to do this? Please let me know. And if you know how I could create a link in the Goodbye.html document back to the course, I’d greatly appreciate it. Using _blank, _parent, _top just loads the course page into the iFrame.

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