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Wanted: Adelaide area gaming consultants aged 12-17

This project is going to be such a great experience!

I’m involved with a project exploring how to help young gamers keep their gaming in the fun zone.  Called Keep it Fun, at its heart is a panel of consultants aged 12-17 who are gamers. The idea is that they work together to 

Relationships Australia (SA) is looking for up to 10 Adelaide area gamers who want to participate in paid consultancy work about online gaming through a program called Keep It Fun. The end game is to create an online or mobile widget/app/info source for gamers aged 12 to 17 to help them work out whether they’ve got game and are keeping it fun or whether their gaming habits are pwning them.

In addition to getting paid, they’ll get certificates of participation and for good work – a letter of recommendation.

Point them to the info and registration of interest page on the Relationships Australia Web site and many thanks!