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This is another brain dump post – but as I thought it could be useful to Articulate Storyline users, I’m going to make it public.

A few things I want to remember:

  1. If you want to allow people to skip sides and are using formative assessment with feedback and aren’t fussed about the grade – but still want to track completion in a Moodle, create a results slide then delete all the display options (grade, review quiz, etc). Ensure the formative assessments allow infinite retries so the user can’t move on until they’ve gotten the question correct. The result will be a 100% grade and THAT will indicate completion.
  2. The error windows that pop up automatically (as in when someone tries to skip answering a question in a quiz) come from the player and you can format them there.
  3. Set Browser size in the OTHER menu of Custom on the player. Display at user’s current browser size and Scale player to fill browser window means no more white space if exporting to an LMS as a SCORM package.

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