ISpring Pro for Course videos

  ISpring is software that adds a plug in to PowerPoint that allows you to create embedded, narrated presentations with the option to record webcam video and upload resources with your presentation. I use it and so do my current work colleagues because it is part of the toolkit provided. I’m not endorsing it – just posting some discoveries I’ve made.

Version 7 has a couple of nice features that include allowing for video to take the dominant spot and to import publishing settings so that you can set up once and not have to re-set every time.

Using iSpring has a few advantages to recording straight to camera software.

The main one is that you can record video one slide at a time. So if you have a broad range of topics to cover, you can record and re-record in small chunks without having to edit.

Secondly, it’s straightforward to upload the zipped file output up to a Moodle file resources and unless you particularly want to embed the video in a page, you can simply unzip it, nominate the html5 index file as the main file and set the file to open on click to provide students with a video and player.

Here is a document that gives step by step instructions – I hope you find it useful.