The game of tapping into a passion for learning

winners_on_podium_400_clr_7603Gamers are great learners, I’ve been one and I have nephews who are gamers.  When I was really into it I would spend hours researching my character, watching videos about fighting techniques, bookmarking and consulting sites about crafting and levelling up, adding in plugins to make my game play more efficient and would benchmark myself. Games stop being fun when you have no more levels and achieves to get.

Gamification of courses is, as far as I’ve seen, not doing a good job of hooking into the passion of getting more proficient.

For people who have only been alive for 10 years, getting into a good university in 8 years is so far away. Where is the immediate reward?  So techniques to make learning engaging can reward short and medium term wins have to balance  with not making kids who aren’t as quick to learn feel stupid. Wow – what a challenge.

Here’s another one: for learners who are in university and overwhelmed – a P is a degree and as long as they get that achieve, what more are they after? What good does a HD do?

So we have to get people in the habit of loving learning, of being passionate about the topics they study and seeing connection and context to their lives and ability to achieve what they want to achieve throughout their learning lives. How do we do it? Not with animations, badges and trumpet sounds is all I know. The learning goes on…