Al Upton has been asked to take down his blog for his grade 3 kiddos and has complied. He obtained permissions slips from parents and has violated no laws.

The concerns stemmed from one parent’s concern regarding the fact his child’s photo was on the internet (despite the fact that permission slips were issued) and the fact that there were calls made to experienced adult bloggers to mentor the children blogging.

The blog was disabled in compliance with DECS wishes (Department of Education and Children Services – South Australia) and all comments were investigated.

I had the great pleasure and privilege of interviewing Al last year concerning his miniLegends – the interview is here:

If you blog with your students and have had positive outcomes, please leave a comment on Al’s blog. As well, if you have useful information on online risks. please leave that too.

It is education – not hysteria that will help this conversation develop. If you do comment, please keep it constructive. It is a good thing that parents are concerned.