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Alrighty – it’s about a day and a bit to go until our triple header of live event, Second Life event and Live Classroom event to celebrate edna’s 10th birthday. 

We’ve tried to make information available in as many places as possible –

Plus the fantastic people who have been getting the word out amd making it all possible.
If you can’t make it on the day, we hope to record the presentations made in the education.au offices and make them available as one half-hour episode of E-learning Insights.

If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to E-learning Insights via RSS, podcast or by email – http://www.edna.edu.au/edna/go/news/podcast/eli

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I’ve created a Twitter channel for the edna 10th birthday celebrations.  The address is: http://twitter.com/edna10

The RSS feed subscription link is:  http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/10456232.rss

I’ve also created a Facebook event and two Facebook Groups (these by accident, I should have created events darn it)…

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edna in SLA birthday party in Second Life and Live Classroom plus a real live Thanksgiving dinner for 18 people this weekend and a newly released podcast episode with four interviews cut together — I think I need a third life this week!

It’s going to make for an interesting case study (the SL event, not Thanksgiving- although I do the world’s best mashies) when all is said and done.

What I am undertaking to do is take the audio from presentations being made here in our HQ in Dulwich, South Australia, feed the audio through a mixing desk and send it out to Second Life and to Live Classroom, an online web conferencing tool that Kerrie Smith will be hosting in a special edna Sandpit Group set up for those who don’t have the hardware and/or internet speed to participate in SL.

I’ll also be recording it and will hopefully turn around a podcast the next day for E-learning Insights.

My avatar will “channel” the audio into SL and I’ll also flip through a slide show of images so the crowd doesn’t get too bored with watching me stand there on stage with green audio soundwaves coming out of my head.

Many thanks to the Fang for his suggestions on audio set-ups and the really darned handy World Time Clock web site where I’ve created a fixed URL for our event start time, a whole lot of thanks to Lindy McKeown for making her island of Terra Icognita available for the event, and to our programmers Loch Harlan and Selina of HSZ in the states.

After the presentations in Second Life, the band Space Junky will perform in-world and there will be dancing, virtual cake and champagne and edna t-shirts produced by “Uncle” Dave Wallace who will be on hand to guide the newbies toward enlightenment.

Whew! A lotta link love there – but all very much deserved. I’ll let you know how it all went and will try to Flickr, Twitter too…

If you would like to attend either online event, visit the 10th birthday page on the edna web site: http://www.edna.edu.au/10birthday