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Gotta love these shoes!

My colleague De Bullen decorated these shoes herself to prepare for the Smart Mob taking place tonight (Friday, 28 September) from 5pm to 6pm in front of Adelaide University’s Elder Hall.

The painted shoes are a tip of the hat to Howard Rheingold, a writer on cultural, social and political implications of new communication media and the author of the book Smart Mobs. He’s speaking today in Adelaide as a keynote at eDayz and Tuesday in Melbourne as the final speaker in education.au’s 2007 seminar series
Here’s the Facebook group link for more info on tonight’s Smart Mob: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=4903757231&topic=3264

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If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the danah boyd “Generation MySpace” seminars currently being run by education.au – there are a lot of ways you can participate in the conversations going on around the net and to catch up on her presentations.

1) For an intro, the Today Show on Ninemsn has posted the interview they did with danah just after the Brisbane seminar. While the questions are general in nature, they’ll give you an introduction to danah. However, they’ve buggered it up — you have to have IE 6 to watch it.

2) Listen to the education.au seminar podcast http://blogs.educationau.edu.au/seminar/feed

3) Go to the edna Group – http://groups.edna.edu.au/danahboyd

4) Go to the delicious site and look up the eduausem2007 tag – http://del.icio.us/tag/eduausem2007

5) Or go to technorati http://technorati.com/posts/tag/eduausem2007

She’s got some great things to say and the podcasts are really worth a listen.

If you missed out on first in the 3-part education.au seminar series, the lovely and talented De Bullen has just output Jimmy’s keynote speech from Melbourne as a series of audio files in her Seminars feed. Subscribe to receive it as an RSS or podcast feed or, if you’re an audio blog type of person, go straight to De’s seminar blog.

To catch up on all the resources from the seminar series, visit the edna group and bookmark it for the second and third parts of the 2007 series.

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Jimmy at Triple J - taken by Garry Putland, GM of education.au

Rumour has it that the results of the Chaser’s Sydney assault on Jimmy Wales last week will be airing Wednesday night on the ABC (Repeats on Fridays at 11:05pm).

Conferences, seminars and other events can be inspirational and almost rejuvenating at the time.  But a few days back in the “real” world can often cause the buzz to dissipate in the drone of mundane responsibilities.

While checking on the resources for the education.au seminar series via the tag eduausem2007, I came across an unrelated post by Beth Kanter (sorry, lost the thread and can’t seem to find the exact post) about a blog by Kathy Sierra (what a tangled web!) called “Why are we still going to conferences?”

I have to admit that I thought all the twittering, tweeting, live blogging and quick turn around podcasting made going to conferences rather passe.  Why spend time and money and $6 on a coffee when you could wait a week or so and get it all online?

Kathy makes two fantastic points in her post:  1) the face to face interaction is still important and enriches the connections you make online  and 2) the materials posted about conferences and events can and should (if the ideas are important enough) evolve into COPs so the discussions and buzz of an event can live on and really make a difference to people’s personal and professional lives. 

By the by — I’m new to this, so please let me how to create proper trackbacks to blog posts so I can share the link love to greatest effect…