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Geetha Narayanan

Geetha Narayanan,
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It was amazing to see the creativity, truth and beauty expressed by these kids !

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It’s the afternoon of the second (and last) day of the Global Summit.  A big thank you to Mike Seyfang, who held my hand the first morning until I managed to get the flow of turning around podcasts quickly at a conference.  

There has been a wireless connection available to all participants and the tables are studded with laptops and bluish-white glows as people blog or wiki their way through the days.  We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the podcasting we’ve been doing and to the summit itself.  I think it’s a must do to allow intelligent people the opportunity to discuss new ideas directly after they’ve been exposed to them.

I hope that the community of practice and networks established during the conference can live on in some way. 

Just about time to swap SD cards in the Edirol – blog to you later!

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Podcasting set up

Podcasting set up,
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Two up so far – and only a few hitches. The process is – record from the mixing board onto our little Edirol field mixer, pop out the SD card when the speaker is finished, pop in another one, edit the recording on the laptop, load it into iTunes, tag it, add artwork, upload it to our ftp server, blog it — out it goes via feedburner as a podcast! (Easy, huh?)

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Harbour View

Harbour View,
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Made it in a few hours ago and wow – what a great view from the “war room” where our people are putting the finishing touches on the name badges, bags and other assorted details of the Global Summit 2006!

It’s shaping up to be a fantastic program!

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Wireless world

Wireless world,
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Playing with the free wireless connection at Adelaide Airport and doing some last minute surfing before my flight leaves.