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A SLap in the face

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Dear Linden Labs, It is often a struggle to convince administrators, policy makers and educators that virtual worlds in general and Second Life in particular are valuable resources for education. Educators I know have worked in their own time, fought the battles with IT to unblock ports and find a reasonable space and afterward, even… Continue reading

Web 2.0 – ur doin it wrong

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Let’s talk, use this amazing vehicle called the internet and Twitter. BUT PRIVATELY. Telstra, a communications company proving it just doesn’t get Web 2.0. Or customer service. Or transparency. Brought to my attention by the fake Stephen Conroy

Learner-centric learning and people we don’t know

Published on: Author: KerryJ

I’ve been researching virtual worlds for’s Immersive Learning Unit and had an aha moment this morning in between hitting the snooze button on my N95 that I wanted to commit to pixels before it faded away in the morning routine. The issue of risk management in virtual worlds as with so many other virtual… Continue reading