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HTML5 – Why I couldn’t see it in IE9 and why Windows XP users never will

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Download an MP3 file (2.4 MB) to listen to this blog post: HTML5 goodness Or, browser willing, play it back here: Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5. Click on link above. A few posts ago I was po’ed at IE 9 because I couldn’t see video captions or HTML 5 content. Neither could my husband.… Continue reading

Three’s/Vodaphone’s sorry excuse for “customer responsiveness”

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Attention corporate customer service centres: your customers are getting smarter.  Whether or not you’re all dipping into the same cupboard of pre-canned responses or not, we know when you are copying, pasting and ticking us off a list. I present for your review – an email I received from Three, Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Limited… Continue reading