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HTML5 is a game changer: tech investor and Tedx Santa Cruz speaker

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Roger McNamee starts his video off asking “What if you knew major new technology cycle was beginning in the next couple of years?”A tech investor, he then poses six hypotheses with which he’s been working for the past 10 months:Windows is dying – their market share is plummeting. Smart phones have taken Windows from 96%… Continue reading

Kick the tyres on MS Lync

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Relationships Australia SA  is currently trialling Microsoft Lync as an internal and external communications tool and I’d like to invite all my blog readers to kick its digital tyres with us. The trial is set for this Friday, 23 September 2011 from 3pm to 4pm Australian Central Time (Adelaide Time) / 3:30pm Australian Eastern Time.… Continue reading

HTML5 – Why I couldn’t see it in IE9 and why Windows XP users never will

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Download an MP3 file (2.4 MB) to listen to this blog post: HTML5 goodness Or, browser willing, play it back here: Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5. Click on link above. A few posts ago I was po’ed at IE 9 because I couldn’t see video captions or HTML 5 content. Neither could my husband.… Continue reading