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YouTube video editing

Published on: Author: KerryJ

I love the new video tweaking/editing functions on YouTube.Today I produced a tutorial on how to configure a headset with microphone on Windows 7 because I couldn’t find any out there and our students need support in this.I created the video with no sound, uploaded it and then once YouTube finished processing it, I could… Continue reading

HTML5 – Why I couldn’t see it in IE9 and why Windows XP users never will

Published on: Author: KerryJ

Download an MP3 file (2.4 MB) to listen to this blog post: HTML5 goodness Or, browser willing, play it back here: Sorry, your browser doesn’t support HTML5. Click on link above. A few posts ago I was po’ed at IE 9 because I couldn’t see video captions or HTML 5 content. Neither could my husband.… Continue reading

YouTube captioning

Published on: Author: KerryJ

I’ve been researching YouTube’s captioning abilities as part of research I’m doing into Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ┬ácompliance for the organisation for which I work. Under the WCAG 2.0 standards set out by the W3C (an international consortium looking to set out standards for accessibility for web sites and content), there are four principles… Continue reading