Thanks to my colleague Rachel Teasdale-Smith for pointing this faboo little app out to me this morning!

Click on this link to see it in action:

I’ll wait here……


This is a groovy little app that allows you to enter a URL, record a 30-second video and the application will then overlay the video window on top of the URL when users click on the link.

It was everything you’d want this sort of web app to be — no software to install, easy to use and it worked the first time out.

I can see several ways to use this from both an educators and learner’s perspective!

What a fun way this could be to create web tutorials or tours!  What a great way to get students to record video comments, presentations or for language lessons! There is also a greeting card site that you could lose a few hours in.

Bubblecomment in action

Bubblecomment in action

Bubble Comment is located at

The greeting card site is located at