I’m an expat American who is about to become an Australian citizen but will keep my US citizenship, so I’ve been flipping perspectives as I watch the US presidential and Vice presidential debates.  Are these people and their policies good for my homeland and the people there that I love? How are they going to affect Australia and the rest of the world?

I’ve watched both debates thanks to the internet and was delighted they were free from attitude perceptors/the worm/those stupid live graphs of what the audience thinks.  Good grief, can’t we be allowed to experience important events without being told what to think?

But I digress.

These debates covered pretty predictable stuff — the two wars, health care, the economy, gay rights — but left out a couple of biggies as far as I’m concerned: education and technology.

If Obama and McCain covered education it was not an outstanding memory for me of the debate.  The Biden Palin debate is still fresh in my mind though — and nowhere was education or technology mentioned.

If ever two issues do and will impact the economy of the United States it’s these two.  They touch on everything  – health care, communications, geopolitical literacy, arts, freedom of expression, finance, governance, war, peace – yet they weren’t considered a mention?

It was more important to reveal that both sides are pandering to the religious right of their parties by their hypocritical attitudes towards the rights of homosexuals than to find out what priority they give to education and technological innovation and infrastructure? Jim and Gwen, I’m really disapointed in you.