We live in the dual blessing and curse of interesting times. Never before have we had so much knowledge at our command yet had to battle so much ignorance. Information literacy is going to be essential to everyone who wants to use the learning and communications potential of the internet to help us develop and grow as individuals and as an interconnected global community. This modest site is a fresh start for me after having kept a blog for almost a decade. Here I hope to renew my learning adventures in elearning for adult learners and share my notes, creations, thoughts and learnings. And to re-learn WordPress! Thanks for stopping by. And thanks to Federico Orlandi for sharing the lovely photo I’m using for a header background on his page on Pexels.com.
– Kerry Lorette

Latest from the Blog

Allow me to introduce myself

It was 2005, my late husband and I had just closed up shop on our web design business and I was in need of a job. My background had been in corporate and broadcast video, but in Adelaide – the small city in South Australia I still call home – there were no jobs going. […]

Representation vs Appropriation

I’ve recently been involved in a series of conversations regarding representation in order to promote inclusion and diversity. The online learning space can often feel and be cold in terms of human contact. Injecting humanity and personality into what we present online is, in my opinion, vital to appealing to the affective realm and helping […]

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